We Care For You
And Your Health Data

Today Health Data is Scattered and Messy 

Today personal health data is fragmented across many providers and neither the individual citizen nor a treating physician has oversight. This leads to unnecessary medical and diagnostic procedures and may impair diagnosis, intervention and ultimately outcomes. Access to health data for research and development is often based on ambiguous heterogeneous grounds, complicated and an expensive long process which hinders innovation and ultimately public health. This is widely recognised and substantial efforts in the private and public sector are undertaken to overcome this, such as through the European Health Data Space (EHDS).

Our Solution Aligns The Interests Of All Parties

  • We put the user at the center and make it easy for them to collect and obtain oversight over their data and agree to further use when appropriate requests are presented to them. They are incentivised to share while they can use health related services and devices without the risk of their data being unduly disseminated or used.
  • Public and private sector entities engaged in R&D and public health, regulatory or health technology assessment gain access to subject level Real World Data. We reduce time and cost to source such data by multiples and enable up-to date population health monitoring.
  • Healthcare providers can access health data of any user who has shared their data with them and avoid unnecessary procedures. As investigators in clinical studies they can source data for their studies including patient reported data and handle interactions with the subject and monitor patients efficiently.


This is how we do it:

Connect FAIR Data Sources

With our interoperable solution, by design, we aim to leverage and integrate with EHDS and national health data hubs as an Access Service for citizen, so that they can view their personal health data on their smartphone and allow or limit the processing of their data should they choose to do so. We connect and allow others to connect to their health data sources such as clinical study data, registries or observatories.

Exercise Your Rights

Users can exercise their rights to information, deletion, access and use with any connected data source. They can receive a copy of their data held with a provider on their own device.

Self-Service Information Requests

As a provider you empower your subjects as users to access their own data and smoothly handle bulk requests in self-service.


Connect Your Device Data

You can connect devices, which generate or report health relevant user data to manage a condition or intervention comprehensively. This includes Patient Reported Experience or Outcome applications, wearables and medical devices.


Consent To Specific Data Use

(Request) consent to a new (secondary) use of data held or obtain access to eligible user data from other sources which you need for a specific intended processing or transfer. This is typically referred to as Dynamic Consent.


Receive Compensation for Sharing

You may offer and earn a fair compensation for making your data available for the consented use. You can always offer data altruistically and choose to share de-identified or aggregate data only.


Link Health Data From Multiple Sources

You can join and link connected data sources at the level of the individual for a particular purpose for any user who agreed to you doing so. This enables insights and Real World Evidence (RWE) across public and private sector health data and multiple sources.


Address Eligible Users Anonymously

Share information and data requests with individuals who remain anonymous yet are eligible, based on their personal health data criteria that you define. This enables sourcing Real World Data (RWD) and patient recruiting for clinical trials or RWE. It also allows blinded interaction with individuals in a clinical trial setting and medical information sharing at eligible population level.


Monitor Population Health Parameters

Privacy preserving distributed analytics enable that you can evaluate health statistics and parameters across defined populations in dashboards or specific studies, particularly useful for public health monitoring, patient communities and benchmarking in disease management and behavioral nudging.


Use 3rd Party Services

Qualified 3rd party services such as telemedicine services, medical device or patient community and support capabilities can connect to our platform and personalize their offering and produce results based on the user's individual health data, without that data being skimmed-off or leaving their device unintentionally.