We Care For You
And Your Health Data

We Consult and Support You In Digital Transformation  

We unite digital transformation skills with rich experience in the healthcare sector, notably in Pharma and Diagnostics with a focus on EU regulatory developments around health data space, privacy, secondary use of data and Real World Data.

We work either with your team or source a complementary team to work with you.

We organise and structure our work in a clear approach. Based on our initial discussions, we will provide you with a proposal and outline how work and team can be organised and what the expected deliverables or outcome will be.

Example projects can be

  • Review and define strategy and program. 
  • Determine digital priorities to improve profitability.
  • Review and set up tailored governance
  • System and data inventory, roadmap to simplify and reduce cost
  • Make data FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reuseable)
  • Implement prioritization and life cycle management of your digital assets
  • Data privacy review. Address exposures.
  • Workforce evaluation and shape up-skilling and change ways of working
  • Regulatory or legislative impact assessment, compliance and risk mitigation
  • Policy review, principle based options and adaptation
  • Develop positions and advocacy
  • Transformation risk assessment and mitigation. Effectiveness review.
  • Transformation program implementation and/or monitoring 

Typical formats of mandates we envisage are

  • Consulting on your specific challenges
  • Program or project management and implementations
  • Board advisory or membership to complement board competences

Contact us for any challenges you face. We likely can help you and otherwise refer you to someone who can.